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Ine Hermans - Square1Translations

Dutch, English French, German, Italian, Spanish

Pierre Boutaine

Dutch - English - Dutch

Anna Tribó Timoneda

Catalan, French, Spanish

Iurii Abdusa

Dutch, English, French,

Italian,Romanian,Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian

Saïd Aberkan

Arabic, Dutch

Peter Arnout

Chinese, Dutch, English, French

Daria Ashurova

Dutch, Russian

Stela Asparouhova

Bulgarian, French

Francis Auquier

English, French, German

David Babaev

English, French, Russian, Ukrainian

Nicoleta Beraru

Dutch, French,Romanian

François Biot

Dutch, English, French

Carmen Bouritei

French, Romanian

Christiaan Couturier

Dutch, English, German

Nedzad Ceman

Bosnian, Croatian, French, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Slovenian

Delia De Coopman

English, French, Romanian, Russian

Marie-Claude De Jonghe

Dutch, English, French, Spanish

Ann De Kreyger

Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Evelien De Vuyst

Dutch, French, Spanish

Andrea Di Paoli

French, Italian

Valérie Dullens

English, French, Italian

Flanders Translations

Dutch, English, French, Spanish

Anna Gordeeva

Dutch, English, French, German,Russian, Spanish

Seda Gubacheva

Chechen, English, French, Russian

Alexandre Huillet

English, French, Spanish

Wolfgang Hullmann

English, French, German

Fatma Iferoudjene

Arabic, French

Yulia Koreneva

English, French, Russian

Eszter Kotroczo

Dutch, English, Hungarian

Sabine Lebbe-Maillot

Chinese, English, French

Ruiping Li

Chinese, English, French

Legitum Language Services - translation agency

Dutch, English, French, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian

Vladislav Linkiavitchious

English, French, Russian

Johanna Mastranopoli

English, French, Italian

LTA LLC - translation agency

Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Slovenian

Michèle Nardi-Valette

English, French, Italian, Spanish

Hella Povazsay

Dutch, English, Hungarian

Nora Rakki

French, Italian

Azra Redzematovic

Bosnian, Croatian, French,  Montenegrin, Serbian

Madni Saiyid

Dutch, English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu

Jorge Santos

English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Marc Smulders

Dutch, English, French, Portuguese

Elena Stroykova

English, French, Russian, Slovak, Ukrainian

Karin Van Dael

Dutch, English, French, Spanish

Steffie Vandelacluze

Dutch, English, Korean, Spanish

Jürgen Vastmans

Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Daisy Verheyeden

Dutch, English

Sandra Vranic

Croatian, French, Serbian

Serge Withouck

Dutch, English, French, Italian

Louise Yianakopoulos

English, French, Spanish

Registration Form for translator/interpreter, with price reductions in June, July and August 2019


Registration Form for translation agency in 2019


Registration Conditions for

1   General Provisions

2   Duration of Registration and Steps to Follow

3   Payment Methods, Delivery, Cancellation and Refund Policy

4   Rights and Obligations of the Company

5   Rights and Obligations of the Translator

6   Conditions for Publishing Translator’s Client Reviews onto the Website

7   Amendments, Severability, Nature of Relationship and Agreements

8   Copyright and Disclaimer

9   Notification of Changes

10 Indemnification

11 Competent Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

12 Effective Date and Legal Notice

1 General Provisions

1.1 The Website is the property of consulting firm, duly represented by Ms. Cornelia Radu, MSc ME. works under the coordination of the non-profit organization “Productions Associées” ASBL, having its headquarters in 1060 Brussels, Belgium, VAT: BE0896.755.397.

1.2 These conditions for Website registration apply to all commercial transactions and relations between, owner and administrator of the Site, referred to as the “COMPANY” below and any translator, interpreter, translation agency or the service provider registering on this Website, referred to as the “TRANSLATOR” or “YOU” or “REGISTRANT”.

1.3 All translators, interpreters, translation agencies and service providers from anywhere in the world can register on this Website. They are entirely free to set their rates and conditions for every work order they may receive in the future from clients which identify you via this Website. The Company does not act as intermediary nor does it charge any fee for any translation/interpretation/complementary services delivered to their clients.

1.4 The registration fees for translation agencies are different of the registration fees for freelance translators. More details onPackage Features and Fees”.

1.5 The purpose of this Website is to provide the Translators with:

a. The possibility to increase their earnings and client base, by way of increased public visibility due to their registration on this Website;

b. The advantage of having a customized personal web space on, for increased visibility on the Internet;

c. A new and efficient means for them to be easily found and contacted by individuals and companies in need of a translator, interpreter or a service provider;

d. Better visibility and increased credibility on the translation market, based on the recommendations, reviews and assessments made by their clients. These reviews will be added onto the Website, under their personal web space.

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2 Duration of Registration and Steps to Follow

2.1 Any Translator can register to the Website for a period of minimum one year (12 months from the date on which the registration takes effect) in return for the specified fee. The registration is renewable yearly, at the sole discretion of the Registrant.

2.2 The exact duration of registration is in conformity with the “Registration Form”, filled in and dated by the Translator upon registration.

2.3 To register, choose one of the packages mentioned in the “Package Features and Fees”, download the “Registration Form” and follow the “Registration Procedure: fill in, date, sign, e-mail the “Registration Form” (together with all relevant documents) to and pay the registration fees on the bank accounts mentioned in the “Registration Form”. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours.

2.4 Your individual page will be created, published on the Internet and subsequently an invoice will be sent to you, only upon reception of the following:

2.4.1 The “Registration Form” duly filled in, dated and signed by the Translator, together with all relevant documents;

2.4.2 The full fee payment to the account mentioned in the “Registration Form”;

2.5 Payments made are only refundable if specifically requested in writing in the period before the publication of the Translator's data on the Internet.

2.6 No refunds will be made after the publication of the Translator's data on the Website.

2.7 The Translator is free to terminate his registration at any time, by written notice to: Upon receipt of the termination request, the registration and individual page will be erased within a period of three (3) working days. In the event of an early termination (before the yearly subscription period ends), no refund will be made, since the paid service has been done and the respective data has already been published on the Internet.

2.8 The Company undertakes to announce to each registered Translator 1 (one) month in advance that your registration is due for renewal, allowing you ample time to decide whether you wish to renew your subscription.

2.9 A new payment of registration fees automatically renews the validity of the previously signed registration.

2.10 Non-payment of registration fees automatically triggers the renunciation of your registration on this Site and the Translator’s contact details and personal web space will be automatically deleted.

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3 Payment Methods, Delivery, Cancellation and Refund Policy  

3.1 Methods of Payment. Payments can be made by giro/bank transfer and via PayPal. The payment details are mentioned in the “Registration Form”. Accepted currencies: only Euros and US dollars, as indicated in the “Package Features and Fees” on All payment details and personally identifiable information will not be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased to any third parties. The bank account or PayPal holder should be one of the Registering Users/Translators or their legal representative.

3.2 Fees and Charges.

3.2.1. The Package Features and Fees are mentioned on

3.2.2. All transfer fees are at the Translator's expense and depend on his bank and of the transfer rates charged by PayPal.

3.2.3. The Translator will take into account the transfer fees and will ensure that the Company receives the full amount mentioned in the “Registration Form”, not an amount reduced by the transfer fees. Otherwise, the Translator's registration will be delayed until the receipt by the Company of the full amount.

3.2.4. The Translator will take into account the fact that his bank transfer can take more days, according to his bank and the working days.

3.2.5. If the Translator uses a credit or debit card to make a payment via the Company Website, the Translator accepts that they may be subject to fees which may be imposed by their own card issuing bank.

3.3 Fees for Payment in Foreign Currency. Currency rates are set on a daily basis by our Merchant Bank based on its daily approved rates. The accuracy of such rates cannot be verified. The Company assumes no liability or responsibility for currency rates and currency exchange charges in the event your bank or the Merchant Bank impose such charges on the cardholder during the course of the transaction.

3.4 Delivery. The Company will deliver the requested services to the Translator within 72 hours of the full payment. The Company reserves the right to postpone or deny registration (application or subscription) for a specific service and the delivery of such service if the registration does not comply with the Company’s policies and rules. If a service is denied, the Company will fully refund the Translator for any fees paid.

3.5 Cancellations. Registered Users/Translators may cancel or modify their registration. For that they need to send an e-mail with instructions to Users will only be entitled to a refund for the registration fees paid if the cancellation is made before his data is published on the Site. If a Translator chooses to cancel a service, he/she will be contacted by our management to arrange for a refund. No fees are applicable for registration modifications.

3.6 Refunds. In the event of a registration cancellation made before publishing on the Internet, all paid fees paid shall be reimbursed to the Translator, less a service fee of 2.25% for international transactions outside the European Union, or less transfer fees applied by PayPal. Translators should expect a processing time of 21 business days for a refund to be credited. In the event of a denial of services by the Company, the amount paid shall be reimbursed to the Translator, without any deduction of service fees. The Company will not issue refunds for services after they have been provided (after their data publication on the Internet).  

3.7 Dispute Management Policy. If a Translator wishes to dispute a charge or make a complaint about a service provided to them by the Company, they may send an e-mail to or telephone the Company at the coordinates mentioned in the Contact page of this directory.

3.8 OFAC Disclaimer. The Company will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any of OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions countries, in accordance with the law of Belgium  and the EU.

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4 Rights and Obligations of the Company

4.1 The Company endeavors to have the Website run in the best conditions and to facilitate smooth contacts between Translators and clients.

4.2 The Company cannot be held responsible by any Translator for the number