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Alexandre Huillet
English, French, Spanish

Andrea Di Paoli

French, Italian

Ann De Kreyger
Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish
Anna Gordeeva

Dutch, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish

Azra Redzematovic
Bosnian, Croatian,French, Montenegrin, Serbian

Carmen Bouritei
French, Romanian

Christiaan Couturier
Dutch, English, German
Daisy Verheyeden

Dutch, English

Daria Ashurova

Dutch, Russian

David Babaev

English, French, Russian, Ukrainian

Delia De Coopman
English, French, Romanian, Russian
Elena Stroykova
English, French, Russian, Slovak, Ukrainian

Eszter Kotroczo
Dutch, English, Hungarian
Evelien De Vuyst
Dutch, French, Spanish

Fatma Iferoudjene
Arabic, French

Francis Auquier

English, French, German

François Biot
Dutch, English, French
Hella Povazsay
Dutch, English, Hungarian

Iurii Abdusa
Johanna Mastranopoli
English, French, Italian

Jorge Santos
English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Jürgen Vastmans
Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Legitum Language Services - translation agency
Dutch, English, French, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian

LTA LLC - translation agency
Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Slovenian

Karin Van Dael
Dutch, English, French, Spanish
Louise Yianakopoulos
English, French, Spanish

Madni Saiyid

Dutch, English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu

Marc Smulders

Dutch, English, French, Portuguese

Marie-Claude De Jonghe
Dutch, English, French, Spanish
Michèle Nardi-Valette

English, French, Italian, Spanish

Nedzad Ceman
Bosnian, Croatian, French, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Slovenian

Nicoleta Beraru
Dutch, French, Romanian
Nora Rakki
French, Italian

Peter Arnout
Chinese, Dutch, English, French
Ruiping Li

Chinese, English, French

Sabine Lebbe-Maillot

Chinese, English, French

Saïd Aberkan

Arabic, Dutch

Sandra Vranic

Croatian, French, Serbian

Seda Gubacheva

Chechen, English, French, Russian

Serge Withouck

Dutch, English, French, Italian

Serge Withouck

Dutch, English, French, Italian

Steffie Vandelacluze
Dutch, English, Korean, Spanish
Stela Asparouhova

Bulgarian, French

Flanders Translations

Dutch, English, French, Spanish

Vladislav Linkiavitchious

English, French, Russian

Wolfgang Hullmann
English, French, German
Yulia Koreneva
English, French, Russian

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Terms and Conditions for

1   General provisions

2   Advice on how to use this website

3   Conditions of translators recommendations by their clients

4   Copyrights

5   Competent jurisdiction and applicable law

1   General provisions

1.1 The website is the property of Traductoris.comduly represented by Cornelia RADU, MSc ME. works in collaboration with non-profit organization (ASBL) Productions Associées, having its head office in 1060 Brussels, Belgium, VAT: BE0896.755.397.

1.2 The purpose of this website is to make a list of translators, interpreters and translation agencies having agreed to appear here and to offer their services to the users of, for a mutual benefit.

1.3 Here, owner and administrator of the website, will be referred as the “COMPANY” ON THE ONE HAND and the translator/interpreter/translation agency registering on the website, will be referred to as the “TRANSLATOR” ON THE OTHER.

1.4 Users have the liberty to choose whichever translator to perform the translation and according to the conditions stated in the contract each translator will submit to them.

1.5 Translators/interpreters are free to set up their own conditions for each order.

1.6 The company reserves the right to modify the provisions of these “Terms and Conditions” at any time and without notice. We recommend for you to regularly check the information provided on or via this website, including these “Terms and Conditions”, so that you become aware of any potential changes. The modified “Terms and Conditions” come into effect on the date they are put on line on the website.

1.7 By keeping using and surfing the website, you thereby agree to any modifications which took place on it.

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2   Advice on how to use this website

2.1 No matter whether you are a translator or the client of a translator, always be honest and precise in your presentation. Give a short-detailed description of your offer and demand and pay attention to your interlocutor.

2.2 As a translator, always take pride in delivering quality work and respect your deadlines. As a client, proceed to payment on time.

2.3 No matter whether you are a translator or a client, always take special care to inform your interlocutor of any problem in the advancement of your collaboration.

2.4 Take all necessary safety measures within your collaboration, in real life and on the internet. Do ask for any information you deem relevant so as to assess your interlocutor’s credibility.

2.5 We are not implied in any way in the discussions, collaborations or contracts between translators and clients. Consequently, we cannot be held responsible for any complaints and direct or indirect requests for a refund, which may arise between the users of this website.

2.6 Nevertheless, the website administrators thank you in advance for informing us, should you be faced with a problem. We will act to the extent of our means, in case we could be of any assistance to you.

2.7 As website administrators, we are doing our best to ensure the best possible conditions for collaboration. We cannot impose and guarantee that all users of this website abide by the aforementioned advice on how to use it.

2.8 You are wholly responsible for all the actions you perform using this website.

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3   Conditions of translators recommendations by their clients

3.1   Submitting a recommendation

3.1.1 The company is entitled to post recommendations/assessments on all the websites the company supervises.

3.1.2 Recommendations are displayed from the most recent one to the eldest.

3.1.3 Clients can send their recommendations to directly or send them to the translators whom they were in business with, who then pass them on to us abiding by these “Terms and Conditions”.

3.1.4 By agreeing to these “Terms and Conditions”, you expressly authorize the company and its affiliated websites to use, copy and display the evaluations on the sites published by the company.

3.1.5 You expressly renounce all your rights and you acknowledge you have no objection to these recommendations being posted, used or exploited by us.

3.1.6 The company does not alter these recommendations and, within legal limits, will not be responsible or liable whatever the reason due to any future posting, use or diffusion. Moreover, the company does not check, support or approve the ideas and opinions expressed in those recommendations, which only reflect their authors’ opinions.

3.1.7  All decisions made on the basis of those recommendations featured on this service remain your full responsibility.

3.1.8 The company reserves the right to analyze, translate, refuse to publish and delete, at its discretion and without notice, any published or archived evaluation on its sites, at any time a,d for any reason, or to entrust these tasks to third parties. order third parties to perform these tasks. The different scenarios include, without limitation, the situations in which the company receives the complaint from a third party and/or has reason no believe that there has been a breach of the general conditions.

3.1.9 Should you have a complaint about the recommendations or texts posted on our websites, please send said your complaint together with as many details as possible to justify it to the following e-mail address:

3.1.10 Let us specify that the company reserves the right to request further information concerning the nature of a complaint and ask you for elements to verify your identity, if need be.

3.2   Conditions for sending a recommendation

3.2.1 Recommendations are authorized in the following cases only:

a. You ordered a translation with a translator with the intention to finalize your custom;

b. You resorted to the services of a translator, which you are recommending;

c. Or you could bring another testimony forward concerning the purchase of a service with the recommended translator.

These three situations will hereafter be referred to as “purchasing experiences”.

3.2.2 A valid e-mail address and reference must be provided on every occasion.

3.2.3 Recommendations must always be related to the service in question.

3.2.4 A service can only be recommended if and when it has been performed.

3.2.5 Recommendations can only concern a purchase experience (consumption experience) dating back to less than six months before the recommendation was submitted.

3.2.6 When the recommended translator contacts us because he cannot link your recommendation to an actual order, when your recommendation has been signalled by our anti-dishonesty measures or in case of obvious errors, we shall potentially ask you to provide, within five working days, the proof of your order with the person being recommended. Failing to provide evidence will cause the recommendation in question to be deleted.

3.2.7 Moreover, you can customize your recommendation by providing personal data when you submit a recommendation. For reasons of confidentiality, those details will be displayed in a restricted way.

3.3   Recommendations contents / assessments

Recommendations must be free of the following mentions:

a. Criminally reprehensible, inciting to perpetrate or cause an offence;

b. Illicit, threatening, harassing, insulting, abusive, aggressive, hurtful, blasphemous, indecent, incorrect, inaccurate, defamatory, deceptive, racist, discriminatory, violent, shocking, obscene, sexist or pornographic;

d. Whose attributes include concrete elements of conflicts of interests, violating or damaging the rights of third parties (particularly all intellectual property rights, for instance copyrights or trademark rights) and/or illegal in any other way;

e. Containing information of a confidential nature and/or violating or damaging third parties’ confidentiality, particularly if the text in question includes a credit card, social security, bank account number or any other information likely to result in an identity theft;

f. Deceiving third parties as to your identity (particularly by stealing a third party’s identity);

g. Concerning consumption experience dating back to more than six months before the recommendation was submitted;

h. Bearing no direct link with the recommended services;

i. Not reflecting the client’s personal experience connected to the recommended products or services;

j. Promoting other websites, products or services;

k. It is forbidden to include telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or other links in the evaluations;

l. Whose attributes include concrete elements of conflict of interest;

m. Likely to influence legal proceedings;

n. Including an appeal of legal proceedings;

o. Whose recommendation manager thinks they could jeopardize his/her civil or criminal liability.

For the afore-mentioned reasons, failing to do so causes the company to reserve the right to refuse, delete or cancel recommendations.

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4   Copyrights

4.1 Neither the company, nor any of its administrators, employees or subcontractors, can be held responsible for any direct, indirect, special, additional, intangible damages, including loss of benefits whatsoever (even if the company shall be informed of those potential damages) resulting in any way and without limits from:

a. Any failures, viruses and other dysfunctions caused to any hardware and software linked with accessing or using this website;

b. The information provided on or via this website; 

c. The interception, modification or misuse of the information given to the company and to the administrators of this website or that which is being given to you; 

d. The functioning or the unavailability of this website; 

e. This website being hacked;

f. Loss of data;

g. Complaints made by third parties regarding the use of this website.  

4.2 The messages you send to the company, to the administrators of this website and its partners by e-mail might not be safe. The company advises you not to send any confidential information by e-mail. Should you choose to send e-mail messages, you are agreeing to run the risk these are being intercepted, misused and modified by a third party.

4.3  The company endeavors to provide precise, complete and updated information but by no means can it guarantee the accurateness, the updating and entirety of the information available on this website. All the decisions based on such information are made at your own risks and for your own benefit.

4.4 The website contains hyperlinks towards other websites and documents. Their content is the sole responsibility of the company or individual issuing it. We have no control over the content issued by third parties and we cannot be held responsible for this in any way.

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5   Competent jurisdiction and applicable law

5.1 The directory is governed and interpreted in accordance with Belgian, European and international laws.

5.2 By using the site, its versions in different languages and by registering on these sites, you agree to comply with the general conditions of use and navigation defined on these sites.

5.3 The invalidity of a clause contained within these Terms and Conditions does not make other clauses invalid. The invalid clause is to be replaced, by mutual agreement or by a judge, by a clause as close as possible to the financial intent of the cancelled clause.

5.4 The safeguard clause only comes into effect in case other legal provisions cannot replace the provisions initially stated or when they only aim to facilitate interpreting those provisions.

5.5 Should the “Terms and Conditions” have been written up in various languages, only the versions in English prevail between the parties.

5.6 In the occurrence of a dispute related to the validity, interpretation, performance or non-fulfillment of the rights and obligations related to these conditions, Belgian law shall apply. In case of failing to reach an out-of-court settlement, the sole competent courts are the ones in Liège, unless otherwise required by law.

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